Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC)


The purpose of this information sheet is to introduce the Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) federation of 11 National Associations in 11 Asian Pacific countries. The APRC is a not-for-profit network with the aim of supporting 11 national associations in Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. These National Associations support over 3,000 market research practitioners and 900 market research companies in the Asia Pacific region.

The APRC has also joined with its equivalent federations in Europe (EFAMRO) and the Americas (ARIA) to form the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) which is a free network that links 38 national associations globally, representing over 3,500 research businesses on 5 continents, which generates US $25 billion in annual research revenues.


The Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) was established in April 2009 as a result of common interests among the national marketing research associations in Australia, China, Japan and Korea.  It has since grown to a committee of eleven marketing research associations with the addition of Thailand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, New Zealand and Mongolia.

The APRC is now positioned as the prime network for exchanging information and knowledge on marketing research and related industries between the associations and societies in the Asia Pacific region.

APRC Associations

Association Name Country
Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) Australia
Australian Market & Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) Australia
China Marketing Research Association (CMRA) China
Chunghwa Market Research Society (CMRS) Chinese Taipei
Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA) Japan
Korea Research Association (KORA) Korea
Marketing Research Society Malaysia (MRSM) Malaysia
Mongolian Market Research Association (MMRA) Mongolia
Market Research Society Singapore (MRSS) Singapore
Research Association New Zealand (RANZ) New Zealand
Thailand Marketing Research Society (TMRS) Thailand

In 2009 the APRC joined with its equivalent federations in Europe (EFAMRO) and the Americas (ARIA) to form the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) which links 38 national associations globally, representing over 3,500 research businesses on 5 continents, which generate US $25 billion in annual research revenues.

The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) is a free network committed to enabling National Associations to support each other in promoting and advancing the business of research. The GRBN is not another research association. It is a collaborative network of existing regional alliances (APRC, EFAMRO and ARIA) formed to facilitate and encourage adherence to worldwide ethical research practices.

The profession and practice of social, opinion and marketing research has become increasing borderless. The formation of regional alliances such as APRC, EFAMRO and ARIA was in response to the need for research business leaders to collaborate on common issues regardless of country of origin. GRBN was developed in recognition that many of those issues are not limited to regional concerns, but have global impact, as well.

Objectives of APRC

Most of the National Associations in the APRC federation are very young, with the majority of them established only in the last 10 years. The objective of the APRC is to support these National Associations and their members through training and education; providing cross-border networking opportunities and promoting the development of Asia-focused marketing research technologies and insights. A key strategic objective of the APRC is the education and training of market research practitioners and their companies, with a particular focus on the promotion of quality and professional standards, guidelines and best practice market research.

To enable the above aim, the APRC has created an annual Asia Pacific Research Conference that leverages the regional conference held by each of the National Associations in the region. Each representative country of the APRC takes a turn to host the Asia Pacific Research Conference. As well as presenting papers on Asian insights and developments; we conduct research on various topics amongst our National Association members and present the research findings at the annual APRC conference. At these conferences we also aim to workshops on professional and/or quality standards. At the 2013 APRC Conference in Bangkok, we ran a practical workshop on the implementation of ISO 20252 (Market, opinion and social research) and ISO26362 (Access panels in market, opinion and social research). Throughout the year we also run webinars for APRC associations and their members on various regulatory issues – such as privacy; ethical codes and guidelines and as well as legislative updates for various regions. Our APRC webinars also cover general professional development topics such as methodological advances and technical skills.

The Asia Pacific Research Conference

This is a great opportunity to network and exchange information and knowledge among researchers and marketers in the region, as well as finding out about the latest research technologies and methods, as well as hot topics in the research world.  The conference is hosted by member countries during their national associations’ conference. AMSRS hosted the inaugural conference in Sydney in 2009; JMRA hosted the 2nd APRC conference in Tokyo in 2010; CMRA hosted the 3rd annual conference in Xi’an in 2011; KORA hosted the 4th annual conference in Seoul in 2012 and the TMRS hosted the 5th annual conference in November 2013 in Bangkok. The MRSM hosted the 6th annual APRC conference in October 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. The 7th annual conference will be held in Auckland New Zealand on the 7th and 8th of September. During these conferences 500+ researchers and marketers join 100+ international delegates to learn advanced research technologies and new trends.

Asia Pacific Research Committee

The APRC committee is made up of 2 representatives from each of the regional marketing research associations in the Asia Pacific region.

The APRC is run by the committee chair and the secretariat.  Mr. Norio Taori, Chairman of the JMRA, was elected as the first committee President of the APRC April 2009. He stepped down in September 2012 and it was decided that the chairman position would be changed annually and would be held by a representative from the country hosting the APRC conference. In 2014 the APRC changed its governance structure and voted in a new executive Board made up of the following representatives:

President: Mr. Peter Harris from the AMSRS in Australia
Vice Presidents: Mr. Andy Zhao, CMRA, China
Ms. Winifred Henderson, RA in New Zealand
Mr. Shunichi Uchida , JMRA, Japan
Secretary-General: Ms. Elissa Molloy


The secretariat is run by the AMSRS and functions as the main body in the day-to-day management of the committee, with support from members from other countries. The JMRA held the secretariat role from 2009-2012 and as of September 2012, the AMSRS in Australia now manages the secretariat functions with Elissa Molloy, the CEO AMSRS operating as the Secretary-General.

The APRC Secretariat Team at the AMSRS


Address:   AMSRS Level 1, 3 Queen Street, Glebe NSW 2037
Phone:      +61 2 9566 3100
FAX:          +61 2 9571 5944
Contact:   Elissa Molloy (Secretary-General)