Asia Pacific Research Conference


This is a great opportunity to network and exchange information and knowledge amongst researchers and marketers in the region. Find out about the latest research technologies and methods, as well as hot topics in the Asia Pacific market.  The conference is hosted by member countries during their national associations’ conference.

AMSRS hosted the inaugural conference in Sydney in 2009; JMRA hosted the 2nd APRC conference in Tokyo in 2010; CMRA hosted the 3rd annual conference in Xi’an, China in 2011; KORA hosted the 4th annual conference in Seoul, Korea in 2012; TMRS hosted the 5th annual conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013; MRSM hosted the 6th annual conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014; RANZ hosted the 7th annual conference in New Zealand on 7th and 8th September in Auckland Click Here for more details on the conference.

The 8th annual conference will be hotsed by JMRA at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Japan, on the 14th – 15th November, 2016.


During these conferences 500+ researchers and marketers joined and nearly 100 international delegates mainly from APAC, get together to learn advanced research technologies as well as new trends of marketing environments in the globe.