The Research Society – Australia

ASSOCIATION NAME The Research Society
(Australian Market & Social Research Society)
ADDRESS Level 1, 3 Queen Street Glebe NSW, 2037, Australia
TEL +61-2-9566 3100
FAX +61-2-9571 5944
CONTACT Angus Hunter, Chief Executive Officer.
Vice President
Tiina Raikko
Simon Edwards
Angus Hunter
Ellen Baron
Penny Burke
Elyssia Clarke
Peter Harris
Lyndall Spooner
ESTABLISHMENT Established in 1955
Total Members: 2100
Fellows: 73
VISION, MISSION & OBJECTIVES Our Vision: The ‘go to’ community for developing and supporting research industry professionals throughout their career.
Mission Statement of Purpose:To promote and develop the market, social and organisational research profession for Australia by providing standards, professional development opportunities, member services and by representing the profession to external stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To promote high professional and ethical standards.
  • To continuously enhance the technical skills of members.
  • To promote the value and benefits of using research professionals.
  • To expand the membership of the Society.
  • To encourage the participation of members in the activities of the Society.
  • To ensure the organisational and governance structure of the Society makes the most effective use of the time and funds contributed.
ANNUAL CONFERENCE Approximately 500-600 market and social researchers from both suppliers and buyers in Australia participate in the two-day conference.
  1. Beginners’ Courses (e.g., Fundamental course)
  2. Intermediate Courses (e.g., Quant, Qual, Online, Stats, etc)
  3. Advanced Courses (e.g. Masterclasses)
  4. Seminars – regular seminars on key industry issues.
  5. Webinars – 4-6 per year to engage members with overseas experts.
  6. On demand courses – Questionnaire design, Intro to MSR and Intro to statistics.
  1. Masterclasses – online courses training in specialised topics at the Intermediate to Advanced level.
  2. Essentials Plus – one to two day intensive training in core industry areas, from beginners to intermediate level.
  1. All Research Society members adhere to a Code of Professional behaviour
  2. QPR (Qualified Professional Researcher) Offering members industry recognition of their experience and continued commitment to professional development, through QPR accreditation.
  3. Fair Data certification is a company ethical mark
  4. ISO Standards – The Research Society ISO support with ISO20252 and ISO 27001 for Company and Client partners
  1. Research News (quarterly magazine, 4 issues a year)
  2. The Professional Research Handbook (annual directory of research suppliers & industry guidelines)
SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS/ NETWORKS (SIG/SIN) Engages members from specialised industry areas with networking and professional development opportunities through the following Special Interest Groups/ Networks (SIG/SIN):

  1. Clients Networking Group (CNG)
  2. Independent Researchers Group (IRG)
  3. Young Researchers Network (YRN)
  4. Qualitative Recruiters Group (QRG)
  5. Social Research Network (SRN)
  6. Online Services Network (OSN)
  7. AMSRS LinkedIn Group – 3000+ members
SOCIAL AND NETWORKING Engages members by providing social events to provide networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

  1. Ethics-line – 1300 phone service for members to seek ethical advice.
  2. AMSRS contracts a Public Relations agency to manage industry profile.
  3. Strengthening the relationships with international and regional research associations in the globe.