2014 Conferences

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  • Event: MRSS Asia Research Conference
  • Title: The Brave New Digital World – New Opportunities for MR
  • Dates: 6th ~ 7th August 2014
  • Venue: Fairmont Hotel, Singapore

The world of marketing and marketing research is changing at warp speed as consumer behaviour is increasingly digital and even blurring channels. The philosophy and practice behind these disciplines are on the cusp of transformation as digital data on consumer’s needs & habits increase in quantity and accessibility.

New digital technologies and tools have made it faster, easier and more affordable to conduct market research and inform marketing decisions. However marketers are continually challenged on how to effectively work in the digital space & target digital-based behaviour and the digitally-engaged consumer.

This year’s conference will showcase expert international and regional speakers discussing disruptions and opportunities for marketers and researchers in this Brave New Digital World.

Please contact the MRSS Secretariat for more information: secretariat@mrssingapore.org.sg

or click here to be directed to the conference web page.