About APRC

The Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) was setup in April 2009 as a result of common interests among the national marketing research associations in Australia, China, Japan and Korea. It has since grown to a committee of twelve marketing research associations with the addition of Thailand, Chinese Taipei , Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia and Indonesia. The APRC is now positioned as the prime network for exchanging information and knowledge on marketing research and related industries between the associations and societies in the Asia Pacific region. READ MORE


Asia Pacific Research Associations working together to promote research technologies


Years of Collaborative Conferences amongst regional member associations

Objectives of APRC

To further promote the development of Asia-focused marketing research technologies and insights through creating additional opportunities for cross-border exchanges amongst marketing research associations and communities within the Asia Pacific region.
To enable the above aim, the APRC has created an annual Asia Pacific Research Conference that will leverage the regional conference held by research associations in the region. Each representative country of the APRC is to take a turn to host the Asia Pacific Research Conference.

APRC Conferences

This is a great opportunity to network and exchange information and knowledge amongst researchers and marketers in the region. Find out about the latest research technologies and methods, as well as hot topics in the Asia Pacific market.  The conference is hosted by member countries during their national associations’ conference.

Asia Pacific Research Summit

Only APRC committee members are eligible to attend the Asia Pacific Research Summit meeting which is held annually during the Asia Pacific Research Conference. Main goals and tasks of the Summit include strategic decision making on the future direction of the APRC to improve the professional and social status of marketing and social researchers in the Asia-Pacific region.