Sydney, Australia 7-9 August 2019

The 2019 APRC Conference in Sydney is now open for registrations. Peter and I are honoured to host the APRC Conference in Sydney this year and we warmly invite you to come to Sydney and bring some of your members to participate in an exciting 2 day conference with over 80 speakers from around the world.

Association Leader tickets

Up to 2 complimentary tickets will be provided to each APRC association leader who attends the Summit meeting, please let me know the name and title of each person attending the APRC Summit meeting on Wed 7 August from 12noon – 8pm.

The Summit meeting will include a special lunch at our stunning and iconic Opera House from 12-3pm and then our usual Summit meeting at the Pullman Hotel from 3pm-7pm and then a cocktail party from 7-8pm. If you would have more than 2 people who would like to attend the Summit meeting please get in touch with me directly as additional tickets will need to be paid for.

Association members tickets

We would be very grateful if you could promote the 2019 APRC Conference to your members. We have developed a special rate for the APRC Conference overseas delegates $600 AUD for 2 day conference ticket (8 & 9 August); a gala dinner (8 August), closing drinks (9 August) and a company visit session if interested (7 August) or a 1 day conference ticket for $500 AUD that includes Day 1 of the Conference (8 August) that includes Gala dinner (8 August) and optional company visit in the afternoon of the 7 August.