Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 28 & 29 September 2017


DATE: 28&29 September, 2017


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This is time to learn to wisdom for Asian and Mongolian businesses, who are seeking for growth – expansion of their business, increasing their market share and creating strong competitive brands – hacking for new and international markets. In order to take advantage of opportunities we need to understand what is going on in the markets.

How we could enter to market? Which markets offer what kinds of best possibilities, how we could explore them? What customers really want? How do they decide on what they will buy and why?

Everywhere in the world simple formula has led to success:

Good clients desire to learn + provided by good market researchers = good market understanding + real growth for everyone

The APRC 2017 Conference brings together the experiences, cases, methodologies and techniques of marketers, branding agencies, market research companies and experts from not only the Asia Pacific region and globe on: cooperation of brand owners, market researchers and other stakeholders and advantages of understanding the insights of markets and customers for creating strong brand, exploring the local market and entering to the international market. At the conference new trends of market research, technological solution and methodologies for MR and possibilities of usage of MR results for marketing strategies and planning will be introduced.

Conference sections:

Explore Local, Lead Global

  • Successful cases of entering to the local markets of international brands and exporting of local small brands to the international market based on marketing research: Advantage of local market research companies
  • Co-creation strategy to create market growth and value: Proper model of co-creation to create market growth and value, stakeholders in the model, building effective networks
  • Trends and cases of brand development, marketing and advertising – Impacts of the marketing research: streamlining innovation process to maximize efficiency
  • Best experiences of marketing campaigns and models implemented successfully based on the MR results (Case study)
  • Successful cases and stories of marketing campaigns and programs based on the customers social issues
  • How to develop sharable and self-sharing advertisement contents in the social media?
  • Creating strong corporate brand
  • How to measure impacts and efficiency of marketing activities? Show me marketing ROI!
  • It is time to think differently. Social impacts of the marketing and marketing research.

Growth hacking

  • How to reveal customers’ insights? What really matters for customers? How to customers to talk what they think?
  • What is going on customers’ mind? Do we really know customers? Interesting and successful cases of marketing activities based customers’ insights.
  • Marketing research trends: modern research methodologies, technologies and techniques and trends (Big data, neuro marketing, social media measurements)
  • Branded solutions of the marketing research companies
  • Creative research techniques, real cases and results of them

Time allocation of the conference:

Morning session (Exploring Local and Leading Global) will continue from 09:00am to 12:30pm. There will 30 minutes coffee break. Opening ceremony will be 30 minutes.

Lunch time 12:30-14:00

Afternoon session (Growth Hacking) will continue from 14:00pm to 17:30pm. There will 30 minutes coffee break. Closing ceremony will 30 minutes. We are expecting that each presentation is supported by case studies and continue 30 minutes together with questions and answers.

There will be total 12 presenters. Total 12 presentations will be divided into two section: 6 presentation for section of “Exploring Local and Leading Global” and 6 presentations for section of “Growth Hacking”.

There will be total 2 presentations from Mongolia. There could be one presentations from each APRC member associations.

VENUE: Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel


Download the APRC 2017 Conference Brochure
Payment and Booking information